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Brumisation LIDIT à la gare de Montpellier


The LIDIT high-pressure misting system is suitable for small and large open or semi-open spaces such as train station halls, airport halls, or public areas covered with a glass roof.

Our misting system cools down the air and allows the people passing through public places such as train stations and airports (family with children, elderly…) to feel better.

The waiting time for users in public-institutions can be relatively long, especially during holiday periods.

Moreover, during hot periods of the year, the temperature tends to rise sharply and make the atmosphere unpleasant for users.

It is thus necessary to set up a system which makes it possible to improve the experience of your customers/users.

Misting is a technology that ensures the well-being of people by refreshing the air to bring an appropriate temperature in your building.

- Our service: a tailor-made offer

We accompany you at every stage of your project.

Thanks to the technological mastery of the misting systems, we bring a tailored-made solution, whatever your need and your space.

We integrate your technical parameters, starting from the design stage: whether it is mono or multi-zone management, the design that must be made to the chosen misting solution, or the definition of the specific humidity rate that you need in your spaces. Indeed, we set up a humidity controlled system to maintain a hygrometry rate in accordance with your requirements.

Every misting system is sized according to the project to be carried out.

Our engineers ensure a successful integration of the humidification system in your spaces.

Brumisation LIDIT
Système de brumisation

- How does the LIDIT misting system work ?

The water is first filtered through a very complete filtration system before being sent into our diffusion ramps.

Our misting system then spreads, intermittently, and very homogeneously, these microdroplets of filtered water.

The LIDIT misting system is completely automated: it manages the intermittency of microdroplets spraying taking into account the temperature and hygrometry of the environment.

These microdroplets create a water fog that evaporates almost instantly, absorbing the ambient heat, which allows to reduce the temperature felt by 3 to 10 °C.

Misting brings well-being and refreshment.

We offer a wide range of humidification solutions that meet the requirements of all industrial sectors:

Industrie du textile
Industrie du bois
Industrie du papier
Traitement des déchets
Industrie de démolition