Food industry humidification

Nébulisation LIDIT dans une cave d'affinage de fromages

- improve the processes of manufacturing and conservation of products

LIDIT misting and nebulization solutions allow to control the humidity level in spaces. The facilities we design are unique because we adapt to both the specificities of your products and your building.

Our range of LIDIT products, in nebulization as well as in misting, is applicable in all food industries.

For each project, our design office carries out a study and a tailor-made installation. We have developed specific offers for different types of industries such as:

  • biscuits industries
  • cellars (wine and alcohol)
  • cheese factories
  • food industries

- Nebulization in cheese factories

Humidity and temperature control in ripening rooms are essential factors for the maturation of cheeses. Parameters that have a direct influence on the product quality and the maturing process. Shrinkage, drying out, loss of visual and organoleptic quality of the products: all of the binding situations are faced by refiners.

The LIDIT nebulization solution is a technology that relies on the diffusion of a fog, composed of microdroplets of water. With a nebulization system, the hygrometry in storage room, ripening room or in points of sale is maintained until 98% in static or dynamic cold.

The nebulization is based on dry moisture, it does not wet products and limits their loss of water. Cheese drying is reduced, as is weight loss.

The LIDIT nebulization technology allows a better control of the maturing process, helping to preserve the qualities of the cheeses (crusting, development of flora …). It also has a positive effect on the visual appearance of products. Nebulization is an economically viable solution with a 12 months return on investment.

The system is based on impeccable hygiene with a purified water through a very complete filtration system without any chemicals.

LIDIT humidification systems improve the maturing process and preserve the organoleptic qualities of the cheese. The LIDIT nebulization brings you:

  • Optimum moisture throughout the production and sales processes
  • Reduction of loss (weight loss divided by 2) by controlling the hygrometry rate
  • Control of production to maintain the quality of cheese (fat content, crusting, development of flora, etc.).
  • Improved physical appearance: texture, crusting.
  • Protection against flies and maggot with controlled hygrometry
Nébulisation LIDIT dans une cave d'affinage
Concrete case of return on investment:

On a production of 233 tons of cheese at 7,5 € / kg, which would suffer a 6% shrinkage, nebulization allows a reduction of 50% of the weight loss on this production. That is a gain of 52 000 € / year.

Non contractual example


Nébulisation LIDIT dans une cave à vin

- Nebulization in wine cellars

The hygrometric conditions of a cellar are essential to maintain the integrity of the taste, the texture and the quality of the wine or alcohol and to reduce the losses by evaporation.

We work closely with our customers to find a solution to these issues. The LIDIT nebulization, applied to the wine business, maintains optimal hygrometric conditions to meet all these criteria.

LIDIT nebulization technology applies to every area of wine production:

  • Barrel cellars: control of winemaking, controlled shrinkage.
  • Bottle cellars: conservation, quality of labels and corks
  • Corks manufacturing: storage in dry regions (e.g. Chile)
  • Cooperage: storage
  • Labels and cardboards storage
  • Cuttings and grafts nursery

The implementation of LIDIT nebulization reduces evaporation losses by controlling the hygrometry rate. Therefore, it allows the control of the gustative diversity and the alcohol level.

LIDIT humidification systems improve the maturing process and preserve the organoleptic qualities of the wine. The LIDIT nebulization brings you:

  • Control of the hygrometry rate
  • Better preservation of the quality of the wine
  • No deposit or formation of mold
  • Weight loss divided by 2

Concrete casex of return on investment:

The nebulization of a cellar with 100 barrels, whose selling price per liter is 10 €, brings a gain of turnover of 5 620 € / year thanks to the reduction of the evaporation of the wine.

Return on investment: 2 years

The nebulization of a cellar with 3,000 barrels, whose selling price per liter is 10 €, brings a gain of turnover of 300 000 € / year thanks to the reduction of alcohol shrinkage.

Return on investment: 2 months

Non contractual example


Many other types of industries can be optimized with LIDIT technology.

This is the case of biscuits industry where nebulization facilitates the demolding of biscuits and reduces the renewal of demolding strips.

Do not hesitate to contact us to find out more about the potential benefits of implementing such a solution for your industry. We will then be able to carry out for free a first feasibility study by determining together your specific needs and estimating the potential savings.

La nébulisation LIDIT dans une biscuiterie

We offer a wide range of humidification solutions, in high-pressure misting or nebulization, that meet the requirements of all sectors of the food industry:

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