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Misting is a technology that consists of diffusing water (or other liquids such as odor neutralizers) in fine droplets into the air. This creates a water mist that brings many benefits in all environments.

Misting allows a drop in temperature and the restoration of a comfortable level of humidity in the air to bring freshness, comfort and well-being to people in all types of outdoor environments: cafes, restaurants, hotels, parks and gardens, garden centres, green spaces, fountains, local and regional authorities, leisure centres, playgrounds and many others.

In other activities and other environments, professional misting makes it possible to reduce dust and odours in industries, landfills, waste disposal sites, etc. to clean the air and thus bring comfort and well-being to employees, or to prevent fires in industries by limiting the volatility of dust or sawdust.

In greenhouses, professional misting improves the cultivation of flowers and plants thanks to the control of the level of humidity in the air.

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The choice of a misting system depends on the need. There are professional high pressure misting systems and low pressure misting systems. The major difference between the two misting systems is the water pressure. The professional high pressure misting system has a much higher water pressure due to the use of a high pressure unit. Whereas the low pressure misting unit has a lower pressure because it is directly connected to the tap and uses only the pressure of the city water.

A low-pressure misting unit will tend to wet surfaces significantly. The use of low pressure misting is therefore restricted to the residential market for misting the contours of swimming pools and small garden plots in private homes.

If you wish to cool or provide comfort to people in places or spaces such as gardens, public spaces, railway stations, airports, fish shops, restaurant or hotel terraces, you should choose a professional high pressure misting system.

Also, if you wish to control the humidity level in the air or to reduce dust towards the ground in companies or industries, professional high pressure misting is the best choice.

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Misting and fogging are technologies that are often confused. However, there is a significant difference between the two solutions. They both produce fog, but they do not meet the same needs. Misting produces drops that are larger in size (between 8 and 25 microns) than nebulisation. It provides a comfortable climatic atmosphere, most often outdoors: in playgrounds, public spaces, gardens, railway stations, cafe or restaurant terraces, etc. It also neutralises odors or reduces dust to the ground in industries such as the wood industry, waste disposal sites and water treatment plants.

Nebulisation, on the other hand, is composed of finer drops (between 2 and 5 microns). It responds to specific needs in the preservation of fresh produce, particularly in fruit and vegetable departments, fish shops, traditional butcher’s shops, cheese dairies, biscuit factories, wine cellars and many other sectors.

The nebulisation technology is also used for the disinfection of laboratory rooms, airlocks, production rooms or isolators. In this context, it is a biocide that is diffused into the air and allows surfaces to be disinfected.

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LIDIT misting is based on high-pressure misting technology, producing water drops of 8 to 25 microns. This great fineness generates a refreshing water mist that helps to reduce the temperature on your terrace by up to 10°C.

The water droplets propelled into the air evaporate very quickly, so starting up the terrace misting system will neither wet the tables nor the customers of your establishment.

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At the height of summer, in the hottest hours of the day, the sensation of heat can be particularly unpleasant and uncomfortable for your customers.

Misting is the ideal solution to instantly refresh the terrace of your bar, cafe, hotel or restaurant. Your customers can thus enjoy this cool and relaxing breeze during heat peaks.

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LIDIT’s technical teams are present all over the country and install your misting system. Our teams can intervene quickly as soon as an order is placed to enable you to benefit from your adiabatic cooling solution in the shortest possible time.

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The high-pressure misting system can allow you to spread mosquito repellent or insect repellent. Your customers can thus enjoy their evening out on the terrace in complete tranquillity, without the annoyance of insects flying around the tables.

The water mist generated by the LIDIT misting units can also be enhanced with home fragrances by adding essential oils to the water circuit.

The LIDIT teams are at your disposal to study the contours of your project and offer you a tailor-made solution to provide an optimal experience for your customers.

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Perfect to bring freshness to your customers in the middle of summer, misting helps your bar, café, hotel, restaurant to stand out from the competition.

The water misting generated by the LIDIT misting systems catches the eye of passers-by and enhances the terrace of your establishment. Throughout the summer period, the misting invites passers-by to choose your business to enjoy a moment of comfort and well-being.

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LIDIT misting units are all equipped with an efficient and effective filtration system that purifies the water and eliminates all impurities. The mist diffused is thus made up of pure and healthy water.

The misting is safe for people and does not represent a vector for the transmission of viruses or bacteria.

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LIDIT misting is a high pressure misting system that diffuses water droplets from 8 to 25 microns. Installed in industrial buildings, LIDIT misting systems ensure temperature reduction in work spaces.

The fineness of the LIDIT misting process maintains a comfortable humidity level without wetting your employees or furniture.

The LIDIT team is at your disposal for any further information you may require.

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LIDIT high-pressure misting systems generate a very fine water mist. When this mist comes into contact with the dust, the ambient humidity created by the misting makes the dust heavier and falls to the ground.

A natural process, LIDIT misting significantly reduces the level of dust in suspension in the air. Studies have shown a 50% reduction in total dust concentration thanks to misting.

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In industry, combustible dusts can cause fire or explosion hazards. To protect against these risks, LIDIT misting is an effective solution to limit the emission of dust into the air.

By maintaining a comfortable level of humidity, LIDIT misting systems lower dust to the ground in industries, factories or production buildings. The installation of a misting system thus protects your employees and equipment against fire risks.

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The installation of a misting system is an effective solution to purify the air in sawmills and limit wood dust. The diffusion of water mist instantly stops the volatility of sawdust. The misting system thus protects the health of your staff.

LIDIT misting is based on high-pressure misting technology. The extreme fineness of the drops generated (between 8 and 25 microns) does not wet the wood stored on your premises.

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A regulation concerning the concentration of airborne dust has been established by the Ministry of Labour.

In 2016, a “dust” risk prevention guide published by the Ministry of Labour recommends the installation of misting devices to effectively reduce dust (source).

Our team is at your disposal to offer you a tailor-made misting solution to reduce dust in your company.

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In the waste collection centres, employees are subject to the presence of dust and odour nuisance. This can have consequences for their health and safety.

LIDIT misting purifies the ambient air in the landfill by lowering the dust to the ground. In the same way, misting eliminates odours through the diffusion of odour neutralisers or specific odour destruction products. Misting thus restores a comfortable and healthy working atmosphere for your employees.

The LIDIT teams are at your disposal to study with you the misting solution best suited to your needs.

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The LIDIT teams are at your disposal to study the contours of your project in order to offer you a tailor-made misting solution.

From design to installation, our teams will help you to integrate the misting system into your company in the best possible way. Our expertise of more than twenty years enables us to provide you with an answer adapted to your humidification needs.

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Every year, the summer period is synonymous with high temperatures, which are particularly uncomfortable in the city. The installation of a misting system becomes a necessity in order to refresh the various outdoor areas of a town: gardens, playgrounds, fountains, squares, green spaces, etc.

The diffusion of a continuous mist of freshness throughout the day will instantly reduce the temperature by up to 10°C in the heart of the city. A welcome refreshment during the hottest hours of the day for renewed comfort and well-being.

Thanks to their discreet and aesthetic integration, LIDIT outdoor misting systems are an integral part of urban furniture. The LIDIT teams will therefore be able to offer you a tailor-made installation to enhance the value of your town.

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For some years now, the temperature has been above 38°C or 40°C in summer. The heat is very intense in the city. To reduce the effects of the heat wave, LIDIT misting systems are a perfect solution.

Installing a misting system in the heart of the city reduces the effects of heat and restores a pleasant environment.

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In cities, the formation of heat islands has become frequent during the summer period.

LIDIT misting systems propel water at high pressure into the outdoor areas of cities to fight against these phenomena. The diffusion of the mist composed of very fine water droplets reduces the temperature by several degrees and thus creates an island of coolness in the heart of your town.

For a customised integration, LIDIT teams are at your disposal to design and install the misting system adapted to your needs.

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The LIDIT misting units have an elaborate and highly efficient filtration system that eliminates any impurities present in the water. The water diffused by the misting nozzles is thus pure and healthy water.

The misting is therefore not a danger factor for children, who can enjoy this source of freshness without risk.

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During the summer period, at the hottest hours of the day, playgrounds are particularly exposed to the heat.

LIDIT misting systems create a bubble of coolness in these play areas to protect children from the effects of heat.

Misting can also transform certain areas of your town (fountains, squares, gardens…) into playgrounds. Our teams can thus create water games which are particularly appreciated by children as soon as the temperature rises.

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Designed to refresh outdoor areas, LIDIT misting systems can be perfectly integrated into amusement parks. During the summer period, misting can be a welcome freshness solution for your customers.

During the waiting time for an attraction or in the park’s aisles, the misting system maintains an ideal and comfortable temperature.

The LIDIT teams are at your disposal to discuss your project and provide a tailor-made solution to your humidification needs.

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LIDIT misting masts bring a breath of fresh air to cities during the summer. Aesthetic, the misting masts fit perfectly into the architecture of your town.

To purchase a misting mast, we invite you to contact our teams on +33 (0)5 55 30 44 44 or via our contact form: contact LIDIT.

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The LIDIT technical teams will install the misting masts in your town. Present throughout France, our technicians install your misting system to enable you to quickly benefit from your freshness solution.

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In train station halls, during busy summer months, the heat can make waiting time unpleasant.

LIDIT misting systems provide a continuous mist of fresh air during the day to restore comfort and well-being. The high-pressure misting refreshes passengers and station staff without getting them wet for a more pleasant waiting time.

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In airports, the summer period is marked by the transit of many travellers through the terminals.

LIDIT misting is a refreshing solution for airport users and staff. Thanks to the diffusion of a mist of fine droplets, the misting instantly reduces the temperature in the terminals.

LIDIT misting systems are energy efficient, they consume very little water and electricity. Misting is therefore a high-performance and viable alternative to air conditioning.

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In the middle of summer, the heat can be stifling while waiting at a bus or tram station.

The installation of a misting system brings a breath of fresh air to passengers waiting for their means of transport to arrive. The micro-drops of pure water generated by the misting reduce the temperature by up to 10°C at the hottest hours of the day.

LIDIT misting systems maintain a pleasant temperature for passengers without wetting them during heat peaks.

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Condensers are essential equipment for the supply of cold in companies and businesses. They are subject to heavy use in summer and are frequently exposed to the risk of breakdown.

LIDIT misting units propel a mist of fresh water into the air intake of the condensers. This contribution of humidity helps to reduce the air temperature around the condenser. The misting thus ensures better availability of the condensers during heat peaks.

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During the summer period, condensers consume more energy to produce cold in shops and businesses.

Misting generates the spraying of fine drops of water at the air inlet of the condensers which will continuously reduce the temperature. This source of humidity reduces the amount of energy required by the condenser to produce cold.

The installation of a misting unit therefore represents an energy saving for your establishment.

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The high-pressure misting maintains optimum humidity in both growing and sales greenhouses. The diffusion of the mist with fine droplets helps to control the temperature in the space.

The misting thus provides valuable temperature control to continue plant growth (flowers, plants) and prevent the development of parasites.

Misting is also a source of comfort for your staff and customers by lowering the temperature in summer.

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LIDIT misting is based on high-pressure misting technology. The diffused mist is composed of fine drops of water between 8 and 25 microns.

The misting produces humidity in the greenhouse, limiting evapotranspiration and the water needs of the crops. Misting therefore reduces the need to water your crops but does not replace frequent watering of the plants.

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Nebulisation is a technology that generates a mist of particularly fine drops between 2 and 5 microns. Nebulisation thus brings humidity into the air without wetting the products.

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In cheese cellars, nebulisation provides optimum regulation of the humidity in the space. Perfect humidity improves the ripening process and therefore the quality of the products.

Nebulisation thus reduces the drying out of the products and weight loss.

The LIDIT team is at your disposal to design and install a tailor-made nebulisation solution for your cheese maturing unit.

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In wine cellars, the hygrometric conditions are a determining factor in maintaining the quality of the production.

Nebulisation allows better control of the hygrometry rate by the continuous diffusion of a fine mist of micro-droplets of water. It reduces evaporation losses and preserves the integrity of the taste and texture of the wine.

Our team is at your disposal to discuss the outlines of your project and provide you with a humidification solution adapted to your needs.

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A high-performance technology, nebulisation produces micro-droplets of water whose size varies between 2 and 5 microns.

Thanks to the great fineness of the spray mist, nebulisation provides optimal hygrometry for the conservation of products without wetting them.

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Nebulisation has many benefits for the food industry. For example, nebulisation is used in biscuit factories to facilitate the demoulding of production.

The LIDIT team is ready to study with you the feasibility of your project and to offer you a tailor-made nebulisation solution for your industry.

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Spread throughout the country, our technical agencies ensure the upkeep and maintenance of the LIDIT misting and nebulising systems. In this way, our technicians maintain the proper functioning of the humidification equipment throughout the year.

From the design stage of your project, our team offers you a tailor-made service and maintenance offer for misting and nebulisation systems.

We also remain at your disposal to adapt your maintenance formula according to your needs.

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You can contact our teams for all misting or nebulisation requests by filling in the following contact form: Contact LIDIT.

Our team is at your disposal from Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm on +33 (0)5 55 30 44 44.

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To purchase a LIDIT misting system, please contact us to present your project. Our teams will reply as soon as possible to propose the most suitable solution for your humidification needs.

The LIDIT design office will take over the design of the misting or nebulising system. Finally, our technical teams will install the solution on your premises to enable you to benefit quickly from the benefits of LIDIT technologies.

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Thanks to a network of European and international partners, we can ensure the installation of our misting and nebulisation systems in a large number of countries.

We invite you to contact us for more information: contact LIDIT.

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LIDIT misting systems are energy efficient, so they consume very little water and electricity.

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LIDIT nebulisers have been designed and developed to limit their energy footprint. The LIDIT teams work in particular on a daily basis to produce ever more efficient machines that save water and electricity.

Nebulisation thus consumes little energy.

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LIDIT misting and nebulising systems are regularly maintained by our technical teams. LIDIT technicians thus maintain the quality and proper functioning of your installations over the years.

By subscribing to a maintenance contract, you are guaranteed to benefit from an efficient service for the durability of your misting and nebulising equipment.

To find out more, please contact our teams who will answer you as soon as possible.

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