How to disinfect payment terminals in complete security?

24 June 2020

Payment terminals appear to be a potential vector of pathogenic germs. Each time a customer passes through, the terminal keys must be cleaned with a disinfectant wipe. Any operation that damages the terminal keys could render the terminal unusable.

Protection pour terminaux de paiement

- Easier disinfection of payment terminals

In order to offer a sustainable and efficient solution, the LIDIT teams have developed a protection for payment terminals. This protection, made of PVC and transparent, is attached to the back of the terminal and adjustable links ensure a perfect fit. The smooth surface of the protection guarantees easy and complete cleaning of the terminal.

This enables the cashier staff to disinfect the payment terminal quickly and efficiently each time a customer passes through.

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Several solutions for the disinfection of shopping carts

17 June 2020

All day long, consumers flock to food and non-food stores. During this special time of the day, your customers need more than ever to feel reassured and safe.

portique de désinfection

- Two solutions for cart disinfection

1. A disinfection portal

Faced with this challenge, the LIDIT teams have innovated in order to provide sustainable solutions to limit the spread of the virus in sales areas. This is how the idea of the disinfection portal for shopping carts was born. Shopping carts are in fact used by several customers in the same day, which represents a potential risk of virus transmission. It was therefore important to develop a product that was both easy to use for store staff and that would ensure complete disinfection of the shopping cart for safe re-use.

On wheels, the disinfection portal ensures a complete decontamination of the shopping cart. The misting system integrated in the portal allows the disinfectant to be propelled on several shopping carts at the same time.

2. A disinfection solution integrated in shopping cart shelters

At the same time, the LIDIT teams have also developed a disinfection solution for shopping cart shelters and storage areas. Here, the misting system is directly integrated into the shelter. This disinfection solution has the advantage that it works automatically on all the shopping carts stored in the shelter.

Suitable for all types of structures and materials, the solution ensures effective disinfection. Once the disinfection process is complete, the shopping carts can be safely reused by customers.

How to disinfect public transport?

8 June 2020

Every day, 3 out of 10 employees commute to work by public transport. They take the metro, tram, bus or train. To limit the spread of the coronavirus in these means of transport, users must wear a mask and disinfection must be carried out every day.

Solution de désinfection pour les transports en commun

- Protect the health of users

During containment, the LIDIT teams have designed and developed, in partnership with the company Alphéa, a disinfection solution adapted for the decontamination of public transport. This solution is based on a misting system that has already proven itself in pharmaceutical laboratories.

In order to allow a simple, efficient and fast disinfection process, we had the idea to develop a portable system. This choice ensures great manoeuvrability of the device and unequalled freedom of movement. The portable disinfection solution allows the decontamination of all means of public transport (bus, train, tram, subway), thus guaranteeing a safe journey for users.

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How to protect the health of your employees against Covid-19?

1 June 2020

From the very beginning of the health crisis, the LIDIT teams have been mobilized to put in place products to limit the spread of the virus in work spaces.

Solution de désinfection LIDIT

- How to disinfect workspaces?

Driven by a real creative force and the need to propose viable solutions for the safety of people, the LIDIT teams had the idea of adapting the disinfection solution already used in pharmaceutical laboratories (a nebulisation system dedicated to the decontamination of clean rooms and ZACs).

At the beginning of April, the teams thus launched two new products on the market designed and adapted for all work spaces (offices, open spaces, changing rooms, break rooms, warehouses, factories, etc.): a misting solution and a nebulisation solution. Both offer a simple and effective disinfection process. The mobility of the systems allows the disinfectant to be applied in each space for optimum results.

At the end of the day, when the system is switched on, the work and production areas can be cleaned to ensure the safety of your employees.

- How do I regularly disinfect my hands?

The LIDIT teams also worked on the creation of a non-contact hydroalcoholic gel dispenser using infrared detection. To avoid any hand contact with the tap, an infrared sensor detects the passage of hands and automatically delivers a dose of gel.

This dispenser is designed to be used both indoors and outdoors.

Positioned at the entrance of a building, in an open space, a meeting room or on a building site, the dispenser allows your employees to clean their hands frequently during the day. Battery or mains operated, the dispenser is suitable for intensive use.

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DIstributeur de gel hydroalcoolique LIDIT